VIP luxury car hire in Abidjan Ivory Coast

Many travelers who visit Abidjan and even some residents who live here have found that hiring a car in Ivory Coast is a more rational option than taking taxis or public transport. Car rental companies in Abidjan are primarily aimed at business travelers and short-term visitors, although most car rental companies offer rentals for long periods.

Although taxis are cheaper than in most other countries, you can still have an impact on your travel budget.

Abidjan has many travel options, but public transport does not cover all areas of the city and is not always reliable. Car rental allows you to easily visit all of Ivory Coast in complete privacy and safety.

How to choose the best car rental company in Abidjan

Car rental service is a very popular and convenient service for tourists and business people. Every day around the world thousands of different cars are rented.

In this regard, there are many car rental companies in Ivory Coast operating in the market. How to choose one among this diversity not to exaggerate, to obtain quality services, not to fall into the hands of fraudsters.

Why rent a luxury car while traveling to Abidjan, Ivory Coast?

If you are in Abidjan for business meetings. Here are 5 reasons to rent a luxury car and improve your trip.


The luxury car brings you into a certain category which is luxurious, tasteful and successful. When meeting potential clients, the image is everything. The luxury car will give you that wonderful image that is needed to convince a global company to participate in your services.

Feel confident

Luxury cars will definitely boost your confidence. Whether you are a very successful business owner, executive director, or executive founder, leasing a luxury car will give your business trip an extra boost of confidence to help you with this crucial business.


Renting a car is the most convenient way to travel, although taxis are affordable, but you should ask for a taxi and wait for it, and if you want to enjoy the trip or if you are not sure about your meeting schedule, taxi will charge you a lot for waiting time.

Convenience and Elegance

Luxury cars are not only more stylish than usual, they are significantly more comfortable. Renting a luxury car for your business trip means that you will roam in perfect comfort and luxurious style. The steering wheel, the quality of the design and the overall driving experience are exceptional.

Competitive prices

Although renting a luxury car will cost more than renting a regular car, it will bring you to experience the feeling and comfort of driving a luxury car without having to buy one yourself and pay the high costs.

Rent a car from Expert Concepts Car Rental at an Convenient price in Abidjan

Experts Concepts Car rental in Abidjan is about more than punctuality, workmanship, reasonable prices and quality of Cars. Experts Concepts occupies a leading position in providing top-of-the-range services and competitive prices compared to other car rental rates throughout Ivory Coast. Experts Concepts, which has grown rapidly in full swing thanks to the trust and satisfaction of customers and their satisfaction rating.

Experts Concepts offers you first-class vehicles that are luxury and elegance. If you are a sports car fan and a lover of speed and adventure and can't own your dream car for the high price !! Dear, we have found the solution for you.

Experts Concepts has a fleet of luxury cars and low-profile cars for lovers of speed and great driving pleasure like Porsche, Dodge, Chevrolet Corvette, Audi A5 and many luxury cars. All of them are very modern and of great luxury at competitive prices and subject to comprehensive insurance.

Experts Concepts Car Rental has dedicated customer service 24 hours a day, 24 days a week.

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