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  • Internet (Wifi router)
  • GPS tracker
  • Heated seat
100,000 CFA / for 1 day (s)

The HYUNDAI COUNTY BLANCHE-RE2820 is a great product. Truly, it will appeal to customers ready to consider a product that combines ergonomics and aesthetics, offering interesting amenities. This car is a 28-seater bus which has a diesel engine with a perfectly designed ventilation system, including a full-size air conditioner and preheater, providing additional comfort to the occupants.

It is equipped with seats with lap belts, and equipped with ABS brakes. In addition, it comes with a standard audio system with CD player and MP3 player. Also, it has a firm and robust frame. Finally, the cabin is higher and wider for the greater comfort of passengers.

We recommend this powerful and comfortable car. With EXPERTS CONCEPTS, you are sure to have quality products at exceptional prices.


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