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  • Internet (Wifi router)
  • GPS navigation
  • GPS tracker
  • Air conditioner
  • Diesel (Diesel)
100,000 CFA / for 1 day (s)

The MAZDA BT50 GRAY-CO16 is a sublime product of great value. Like all pick-ups on the market, it belongs to the utility category. Certainly, it will appeal to customers willing to want a safe product that offers excellent driving comfort.

This car is a 5-seater off-road pickup that has a diesel engine with air conditioning system.

It is fitted with seat belts for all seating positions, and equipped with ABS brakes. Likewise, it has many mechanical elements in common with its American cousin Ford, it is a true all-terrain vehicle fitted as standard with a limited-slip rear differential, and very useful in difficult terrain.

In addition it comes with a system of electric locks. Finally, it has a towing capacity which peaks at 3 tonnes depending on the version.

We advocate this powerful and well-maintained car. With CONCEPT EXPERTS, you are sure to have all your desires satisfied, at affordable prices.

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