5 Best Places to Visit in Ivory Coast

Ivory Coast, officially the Republic of Ivory Coast, is a country located on the southern coast of West Africa. The political capital of Ivory Coast is Yamoussoukro in the center of the country, while its economic capital and largest city is the port city of Abidjan.

The best places to visit in Ivory Coast

From the grass-covered mountains of Mount Nimba in the north to the lagoons and roaring Atlantic waves in the south, the tropical forests where chimpanzees live in the west to the vast cocoa and plantain plantations in the east, the Ivory Coast represents a serious huge slab of West Africa.


The sprawling, beating heart of the nation has taken up residence on the south coast, along the vast coastal expanses of the Ebrié Lagoon.

With over four million people living there, it is the second largest metropolis in all of West Africa.

And although not officially the capital of Ivory Coast (this honor goes to Yamoussoukro), it is perhaps the best city to learn about the nation.

Paul’s Cathedral, hit the National Museum, party down heady Princess Road, eat local cassava curries on the street corners – the list goes on!

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2. Man

Springing from the steep, rain-drenched edges of the Toura Mountains in the heart of the country, the rustic town of Man is surrounded by seemingly endless swaths of verdant plantains and cocoa groves.

The peaks of Tonkoui and Toura – the two highest in Ivory Coast – dominate the horizon, while it’s the crashing courses of the Cascades waterfall that really draws the crowds.

3. Tai National Park

A colossal slab of over 3000 square kilometers is occupied by the vast reserves of Taï National Park, making it one of the largest protected areas of what remains of the tropical forests of Upper Guinea - once the dominant habitat from all over West Africa, from Gabon to Senegal.

A wild land, carved out by colossal river valleys and clad in damp woods, dotted with inselberg mountains from another world and bordered by rolling savanna.

And then there is the fauna, which includes the endangered pygmy hippopotamus, olive colobus monkeys, duikers and chimpanzees.

4. San Pedro

The ports of San-Pedro emerge from the forests of southern Ivory Coast like large tendrils that sink into Atlantic waters.

The second largest port city in the country, this place on the sea has been producing huge shipments of metal ores, minerals and fish for decades.

Around her exploded a bustling, energetic and endearing town with low houses and dusty streets, all interspersed with the occasional nightclub and beer bar.

5. Yamoussoukro

A visit to Yamoussoukro is a strange experience.
Imbued with wide boulevards and wide open spaces, new (or at least relatively recent) government buildings and high-rise hotels, the metropolis of 300 people can look like a ghost town.

It should be remembered that it was only chosen as the capital of Ivory Coast in 1983 - a project familiar to President Houphouët-Boigny, who was born here in 1908. Yet there are a few interesting sites, and not the least of all this colossal Basilica of Our Lady of Peace; the largest Christian church on the planet and a mass of domes and columns that reflects the greatness of Rome itself!

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